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The third book in this series is about the Famous Charisma label which was founded by Tony Stratton Smith in 1969.
Limited edition to 1000 copies

Language - Russian, English
Height - 11,5 inches (290 mm)
Width - 8,5 inches (215 mm)
Number of pages - 352
Number of pictures - approx. 1800
Labels - 760
Sleeves - 261


Dear reader!
In this book, the third in our 'The Famous British Collectable Record Labels' series, we are rendering the story of the Charisma record label. Yet it would be wrong not to touch upon B&C Records, which had been closely associated with Charisma label for more than five years. So, we provided the main story with a brief outline of B&C Records and its subsidiary labels like Stable, Pegasus and Mooncrest, beginning with its launch in 1963. Getting ground in music recording industry, B&C promoted artists, which performed ska, blue-bit, rock-steady and, a bit later, reggae music. That prompted us to write on a number of B&S subsidiaries, the most prominent of which was Trojan Records, and also such interesting labels as Treasure Isle, Amalgamated, Big Shot, Down Town, Clandisc, and others.

This book, as well as the previous books in our series, offers an extensive description of the label designs of the abovementioned record-labels, all provided with illustrations. Practically all the albums mentioned in the book are much in demand with record-collectors.

The book also contains interviews by artists and engineers, namely Martin Cockerham, the founder of the British folk-band Spirogyra, singer/songwriter and guitarist Keith Christmas, and mastering engineers John 'Jonz' Dent, George 'Porky' Peckham and Tony 'Tone' Bridge. It would not have been possible for us to interview John, George and Tony but for the help from Denis Blackham (from Skye Mastering).

We hope that this book will receive warmly welcome from record-collectors and fans of British pop-music of the 60-70s alike, just like our previous volumes - ‘Island Book 1962 - 1977’ and ‘Harvest Book 1969 - 1980’.

B&C and other short stories
Stable Records
B&C Records
Pegasus Records
Mooncrest Records
Illustrated guide
Stable Records
B&C Records
Pegasus Records
Mooncrest Records
Interview with Martin Cockerham
Interview with Tony Bridge
Charisma Label
The cover printers
The inner sleeves
PRE Records
Interview with George Peckham
Interview with John Dent
Illustrated guide
CAS Series
CDS Series
CLASS Series
CS Series
Other Series
PRE Records
The Cover gallery
Interview with Keith Christmas
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