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Книга действительно уникальна. Это большое подспорье для любого коллекционера. Я вообще до этого не встречал аналогов с таким полным подбором информации по конкретному лейблу. Просто исчерпывающая информация. Я думаю, что коллекционеры винила будут просто счастливы быть обладателями Вашей книги. Определиться с изданием и не переплатить большего чем LP стоит - не этого ли хочет любой любитель собирания пластинок. Печать на высшем уровне. Качество сканирования отличное. Есть некоторые опечатки (и в издании о Harvest их стало много больше), но это ведь не фактические ошибки. Да и для такого титанического труда выполненного одним человеком - это простительно. Очень хотелось бы, чтобы серия продолжалась. С нетерпением жду книгу о Charisma. Огромное Вам спасибо, Юрий Владимирович.
Кормаков Андрей
Иваново - Fri Sep 21 08:43:17 MSD 2007


Dear Yuri,
I have received the book - thank you very much! Following are my comments - use them as you see fit.
Very best wishes,
Pete Grendysa

More than a discography, more than a record dating guide, Yuri Grishin's second volume in his "Famous British Collectable Record Labels"series, spotlighting the Harvest Label, continues the very high standards set by his Island Records book.
In these pages you will find a dazzling array of hundreds of photos of labels, record sleeves, artists, studios, and designers. Beyond the illustrations is a complete history of Harvest and associated labels such as Regal Zonophone, Parlophone, and Sovereign.
Complete information on all issues, reissues, and special pressings is provided, along with a price guide.
No matter which of these records you have in your collection or are seeking, you will learn much more about them. Grishin is the leader in the field of discography, and there is more to come.
Peter Grendysa (writer, researcher, USA)

I am very pleased with it.Up to your usual high standard and highly recomendable.
With all my best wishes.
Peter Brent
Tyne and Wear - Tue Oct 16.13:07 MSD 2007

Your volume on the Island label is already on my bookshelf and I must say that you did a great job. Your research is extremely thorough and every serious collector of classic British records should have his/her very own copy. I am very keen on the other volumes you are planning.
Ettlingen - Wen Oct 10 1:05 MSD 2007

Hi Yuri,
I liked the new book as much as the last although it was a little different.
I liked the way it took Harvest in detail but then expanded over much of the EMI catalogue too - the Parlophone & Columbia sections being particularly useful.
Even when you deal with as many old LPs as we do, we rarely get the chance to compare several issues of the same album to each other at the same time. Your book gives us the chance to do that and know exactly which label/sleeve variation we are dealing with & therefore how to describe it correctly for our customers.
I think this will end up being a series that you can be truly proud of - I appreciate your hard work compiling them.
All the best,
Richard (Esprit House, www.eil.com )
Meopham - Tue Oct 9 22:02
MSD 2007

I do admire your titanic efforts that you've put into gathering all those fragments of information and arranging such huge volumes of data!!!
I have first-hand knowledge of how it's hard sometimes to identify a record! I remember I've spent so many sleepless nights trying to do that! When your book appeared in stores all my questions and problems found their answers in it! So i can value your precious work only using superlative degree!
Thank you ever so much! It is perfect, magnificent!

Valeriy Mizonov
Pereslavl - Mon Oct 8 23:57 MSD 2007

I like the book very much because it is so substantial. You have all covers (front and back!) and all the labels with all the details shown. Marvellous if you want to check the record you have or you want to buy.
Rolf Reppert
Berlin - Sat Oct 6 15:46 MSD 2007

Great work, Yuri!!! Keep going on!
Italy - Thu Sep 20 14:02:52 MSD 2007
"Island Records" and "Harvest Label" are truly masterpieces. I wish all others to follow will be great too! Thank you, Yuri.
Kranj SI - Sat Sep 15 17:11:26 MSD 2007
Thanks for two excellent books, already looking forward to the next one.
Rune Kristoffersen
Oslo - Sat Sep 15 02:37:42 MSD 2007
'Island Records 1962 - 1977' or 'Harvest Label 1969 - 1980': I've missed such books since round about 30 years. Now the dream is true. Thank you, Yuri - and of course all the other people, who had helped!
Christian Rose
Hamburg - Fri Sep 14 18:12:37 MSD 2007
'Island Records 1962 - 1977' and 'Harvest Label 1969 - 1980' Hi Yuri, great research !!!!! A must have for every serious collector !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Tom
Thomas Vogel
Munich - Tue Sep 11 14:56:04 MSD 2007
Thanks Yuri, your two books are wonderful/fantastic.
Sigsten Fjelldal
- Mon Sep 10 10:22:21 MSD 2007
This is really fantastic result of your job ,laborious and detailed- it's hard to imagine ,how much time required to make that.I guess , so versalite information could be interesting not only for serious record collectors and vinyl traders, but for all music lovers who still is "sitting on black circles" and sound engineers , who don't forget yet about best sound works of the past. Thanks twice and get luck with future books!
Val Naumov
Moscow - Sat Sep 8 18:15:19 MSD 2007
Island Records 1962 - 1977, Harvest Label 1969 - 1980 I grew up listening to a lot the music listed in the books, I admire your attention to detail, i'm inspired to revisit my vinyl collection, thanks Yuri.
john dent
Taunton UK - Fri Sep 7 20:13:33 MSD 2007
Thanks for fantastic books on Harvest and Island. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the books on Vertigo and Charisma. All the best, Tom C.
Tom Colbjornsen
Oslo - Sun Sep 2 22:55:45 MSD 2007
'Harvest Label 1969 - 1980' A marvellous reference for any serious record collectors. Attention to detail is superb. Simply a must have for any serious collectors.
Prem Khanna
Knebworth - Sun Sep 2 13:28:16 MSD 2007


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