" About Mr. Yuri Grishin`s label-books in Norway.  So, mostly for those Norwegian`s who want to buy one or more of his books.
Yuri Grishin and Helge Michelsen, a Norwegian collector - buying, selling, tradeing records for a WHOLE lot of years.  Have agreed that Helge Michelsen, existing from 8/4-08, will be the SOLE AGENT in Norway for ALL Yuri Grishin`s label-books.  This mean that from this day on, if you want to order one or more of these books, you send your order to Helge Michelsen,  NOT Yuri Grishin. So, these books will now be available in Norway.
The intention is, that Helge Michelsen will try, as far as possible, to have the books in stock.
And to order, and if any questions, contact:    Helge Michelsen, helge.m@frisurf.no


Last Updated: 20-04-2008


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