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The fourth book in this series is about Vertigo label which was founded by Philips in 1969.
Limited edition to 1000 copies

Language - Russian, English
Height - 11,5 inches (290 mm)
Width - 8,5 inches (215 mm)
Number of pages - 352
Number of pictures - approx. 1250
Labels - 800
Sleeves - 280


Release date - May 29, 2009

Dear reader,
The fourth volume in our 'The Famous British Collectable Record Labels' series deals with one of the most sought-after record labels - Vertigo. The first collector's choices, of course, are the records with a so-called "swirl" label design. Unfortunately, LP's with such label design are inconsiderable in number, therefore highly desirable at the market. We have extended our research and reviewed not only British releases, but also Vertigo LPs from all parts of the world.

We are glad to take a chance to thank Barry Winton, a famous record collector from Great Britain, for his kind assistance. This man, who is well known for his numerous "Record Collector" articles, has provided us with information and material, which both record-collectors and megalomaniacs will find useful. Bill Allerton, the owner of the "Stand Out" record store in London, kindly agreed to mediate in our correspondence with Barry.

This book also contains interviews with Denis Blackham, Barry Winton and Eugene Grishin. The latter two are often referred to as "Vertigo men".

We hope that record collectors will find reading this book enjoyable.

Introduction 4
Acknowledgements 5
Philips Phonographische Industries 9
Interview with Denis Blackham 14
Vertigo 17
Foreword by Barry Winton 20
Singles 23
LPs 27
Design (swirl) 31
Copycats (pirated editions) 35
Design (spaceship) 37
Logos 39
Mastering 39
Cover publishers & inner sleeves 43
Nepentha (Barry Winton) 45
Design 47
Vertigo in other countries 47
Germany 47
Italy, Holland 51
France 53
Scandinavian countries 55
Spain, South America 57
USA, Canada 59
Middle East, Africa 61
Japan 65
South East Asia 67
Australia, New Zealand 69
Patrick Campbell-Lyons (Barry Winton) 73
Interview with Barry Winton 74
Interview with Eugene Grishin 78
Illustrated guide (Vertigo) 81
Illustrated guide (Nepentha) 262
Illustrated guide (counterfeits) 265
Cover gallery 268
Appendix 1 298
Appendix 2 (logos) 334
Appendix 3 (inner sleeves) 337
Appendix 4 (cover details) 338
Appendix 5 (difference in sleeves) 341
Price Guide 346
Index 348


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