André Decerf


André Decerf:

With a professional training as a jurist specialized in estate concerns, André Decerf succeeds in mixing two of his numerous passions : painting and music...the picture on the music...the picture disc.

Very big collector of all that was related to the Canterbury Scene, while looking for a missing piece, he meets around 1978 a friend who shows him his last find: Bob Welch "The French Kiss" LP picture disc. This will start a real passion always alive almost 30 years later. Rapidly, due to a limitation in budget, he will concentrate on 7" picture discs, less usual than LP picture discs, and on shaped records, the most original invention by far. Then, from one experience to another, from one discovery to another, he will learn that the picture disc has not been created in 1978, but 50 years earlier, that the picture disc is not only American or English, but is present in about 30 countries.

That is when he meets his first friends collectors: Nico Sweers, Peter Nellessen, Andreas Becker, Rockaway Records, Anthony Rayner, Dave Richards or Peter Bukoski. Some years later, he will meet Peter Bastine, Antonio Popp, René Gimbel, Kai Schmidt, Terry Tipping or Peter Jeffrey. Then, in the 90's with the Internet spreading, Charley Hummel, Peter Muldavin, Bob Baskey, Dave Easterla, Dennis Griffin, Alfons Holslag, Guenter Heintz, Olivier Leleux, Gertjan Stamer. Many of them stopped collecting, but each of these meetings has been very enriching: with Dave Richards for shaped records; with Anthony Rayner who was working for British Airways and one of the first to bring back Japanese picture discs in 1980; with Wayne Johnson from Rockaway who managed to find all the records that became mythical nowadays: Xanadu, Neil Young, etc. But his most important meeting will be, in 1993, with Japan and Mr. Yoshio Tamura, President of genius of Musicolor Records, the company that will release nearly 4,500 LP picture discs and 1,800 7" picture discs for the whole world between 1960 and 1990.

Owner today of a real cultural patrimony of several thousands of picture discs including an almost complete collection of 7" pic discs, LP pic discs, shaped records, Vogue records or shellac picture discs, André Decerf, with the assistance of his wonderful wife Valérie, took up the bet to introduce the picture disc to a larger audience with the release of Volume I of his "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Picture Discs" devoted to shellac picture discs. May this first Volume gain the success it deserves to give him the strength to continue that work. 


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