John 'The Don' Dent (a.k.a. 'Jonz')


John Dent:

One of the best mastering engineers in the world!
Vinyl mastering
CD mastering
Main Studio: A great sounding room with over 300K invested. Full analogue record and playback facility, 1/2 inch playback choice of Studer with EAR electronics or Ampex ATR100, also 1/4 inch Studer. Neumann vinyl lathe. Powerful sounding analogue outboard for eq, limiting and compressing. Manley tube reference converters, Sonic HD and soundBlade digital workstations, Manley Mastering SLAM! Cranesong, Weiss, TC, Waves & Junger digital outboard. Apogee, ATC SCM100A monitoring.
John Dent or Jason Mitchell's ears.

Parts Studio:Sonic HD workstation with 'No Noise' restoration software, Manley tube converters, TC, Waves digital outboard, Exabyte, 1630 umatic, PMCD, Manley analogue eq, Apogee converters, Linn turntable for vinyl to CD transfers, ATC SCM100A monitoring. Dell PC for "Workstation" Digital Mastering.


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