The Electric Crayon Set (Finland)

The Electric Crayon Set:

The Electric Crayon Set is a psychedelic powerpop band. It was born in 1999 and the first single 'The Hardest Thing/Demons In Disquise' was issued  by Mod label Deutor Records in 2000.
Band members:
Timo Pkk - singer, guitarist, songwriter
Seppo Tyni - bass
Pekka Tyni - keyboards
Timo Lilja - drums
Juha Kormano - guitar

The goup's debut album 'One Man's Trash' was released in 2001 on Timo's own label SoundHawk Records.
There is much good music in the world these days, but not so much to enjoy very much. The new album 'What A Rotter Of A Day' is a psychedelic sound which takes you away to that great days of 60's and 70's.
I'm sure you like it. Just visit band's page on MySpace or SoundHawk Records website to order and get this wonderful music to add it to your collection.




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