Date Location Artist New
14.09.04 Collectable Artists Free
Procol Harum
Jethro Tull
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Fifth label to 'Free'
Second label to 'Basket Of Light'
Third label to 'Exotic Birds & Fruit'
Original german label to 'Bakerloo'
Original german label to 'Stand Up'
Inner sleeve to 'In Blissful Company'
Welcome Back My Friends For The Show... (Manticore)
03.09.04 Correction Kinks Kinda Kinks (Pye)
03.09.04 Collectable Artists

Young Tradition
Stefan Grossman
Bert Jansch

Derrick Morgan
Hamish Imlach
Mike Cooper

Jody Grind
David Ackles
Rolling Stones
Inez & Charlie Foxx
Jethro Tull
Jackie Edwards
Dewey Martin & Medicine Bell
Led Zeppelin
Alice Cooper
United States Of America
Cat Stevens
Grateful Dead

Arthur Brown
Roy Wood
Shirley Collins
Ashley Hutchings
Michael Chapman
Frank Zappa
Norman Greenbaum
Monty Python
Help Yourself
Humble Pie

Fat Water
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Kingston Trio

Ralph McTell

Ferris Wheel
Josh White & Leadbelly
Mystic Number National Bank
John 'Rabbit' Bundrick
Wadworth Mansion
Left Banke
Bob Dylan
Black Oak Arkansas
Canned Heat
Jay & The Americans
So Cheerfully Round (Transatlantic)
Those Pleasant Days (Transatlantic)
Sampler (Transatlantic)
L.A. Turnaround (Charisma)
Forward March (Island)
Behold (Island)
Hamish Imlach (XTRA)
Do I Know You? (Janus)
Oh Really!? (Pye)
One Step On (Transatlantic)
Subway To The Country (Elektra, promo)
Original label to 'Let It Bleed' (Decca)
Mockingbird (Sue)
'Mono' label to 'This Was' (Island)
Put Your Tears Away (Island)
Original label to 'In Blissful Company' (Island)
Disposable (Stable)
Dewey Martin & Medicine Bell (UNI)
First repressing label to 'IV' (Atlantic)
Killer (WB)
'Mono' label to 'United States Of America' (CBS)
Original 'Mono' label to 'Matthew & Son' (Deram)
Mr Fantasy (UA, USA)
Original label to 'Grateful Dead' (WB)
Wake Up The Flood (Grateful Dead)
Canadian label to 'Skull & Roses' (WB)
Journey (Passport, USA)
Boulders (reissue in different sleeve, Harvest)
The Power Of The True-Love Knot (Polydor)
Sunshine Superman (Pye)
Morris On (Island)
Playing Guitar - The Easy Way (Criminal)
Broth (Mercury)
Spirit In The Sky (Reprise)
Monty Python's Previous Record (Charisma)
Renaissance (Elektra, USA)
Return Of Ken Whaley (UA)
Back Home Again (Immediate)
Thunderbox (A&M)
The New Humblebums (Transatlantic)
Fat Water (MGM)
Quicksilver (Capitol)
Close Up (Capitol)
College Concert (Capitol)
Not Till Tomorrow (WB)
Streets Of London (Transatlantic)
Ferris Wheel (UNI)
Strange Locomotion (Dandelion, USA)
With Their Guitars (Saga)
Mystic Number National Bank (Probe)
Broken Arrows (Island)
Wadworth Mansion (Sussex)
Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina (Smash)
Collage (Smash)
Cobraa (EMI)
Bush (Dunhill)
John Wesley Harding (CBS)
Captain Nemo (Decca)
Pidgeon (Decca)
High On The Hog (Atco)
Live At Topanga Corral (Wand)
Rhinos, Winos And Lunatics (UA)
Capture The Moment (UA)
Bloodrock 2 (Capitol, USA)
03.09.04 Collectable Artists Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Deep Purple
Cat Stevens
Jethro Tull
Premiata Forneria Marconi
Premiata Forneria Marconi
Barclay James Harvest
First label to 'Tarcus' (Manticore)
Third label to 'Concerto For Group...' (Harvest)
Fourth label to 'Teaser & The Firecat' (Island)
Fifth label to 'Renaissance' (Island)
Second label to 'Aqualung' (Chrysalis)
The World Became The World (Canada)
Selling England By The Pound (Charisma,USA)
Cook (UK)
Inner to 'Barclay James Harvest'
02.09.04 Collectable Artists Ya Ho Wa 13

Strawberry Alarm Clock
Bert Jansch
David Crosby
James Wright
John Martyn
The Shirts
Fever Tree
Ya Ho Wa 13 (Higherkey Records)
Penetration (Higherkey Records)
Kohoutek (Higherkey Records)
Incense And Peppermints (UNI)
Bert Jansch (Transatlantic)
If I Could Only Remember My Name (Atlantic)
Memories Of Al Jolson (Embassy)
So Far So Good (Island)
The Shirts (Harvest)
For Sale (Ampex)
Creation (UNI)
02.09.04 Collectable Artists Deep Purple

Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Gary Glitter

Uriah Heep
The Kit-Kats
Bill Haley
Live In Japan (WB, Japan)
In Rock (WB, Japan)
Machine Head (WB, Japan)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1971 - 1973 (Vertigo)
Remember Me This Way (Bell)
Glitter (Bell)
Hey! (Bell)
Japanese label to 'Landed'
The Best Of Uriah Heep (Bronze)
It's Just A Matter Of Time (Jamie)
Rock-A-Round The Clock King (Guest Star)
Tritonus (Acanta)
01.09.04 Collectable Artists Merit Hemmingson
Soft Machine
The Rattles
Joy Unlimited
Bread, Love & Dreams
Frank Zappa

Robert Wyatt
Clear Blue Sky
Manfred Mann


Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
Fleetwood Mac
Alexis Korner & Snape
Alexis Korner

Climax Chicago Blues Band

Mike Rutherford
Duster Bennett
Graham Bond
Peps Persson
Martha Velez

Ray Thomas
Moody Blues

Trollskog (Columbia, Sweden)
Frightened (Dart)
Fourth (CBS)
Tonight: The Rattles Starring Edna (Philips)
Reflections (Basf)
Bread, Love & Dreams (London, USA)
Valley Girl/You Are Wgat You Is (Maxi-single)
Return Of The Son Of Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar
Tinsel Town Rebellion
Man From Utopia
You Are What You Is
US label to 'Rock Bottom' (Virgin)
German label to 'Clear Blue Sky' (Vertigo)
German label to 'Messin' (Vertigo)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Philips)
Tails Of Illusion (GTO)
Fox (GTO)
Without Reservation (Tower)
No Destination (Saga)
Original Fleetwood Mac (CBS)
Accidentally Borne In New Orleans (WB, USA)
I Wonder Who? (Fontana)
Juvenile Delinquet (Charisma)
Gett Of Of My Cloud (Polydor)
Alexis Korner (Polydor)
Bootleg Him! RAK, UK and Metronome, Germany)
Climax Chicago Blues Band (Parlophone)
Tightly Knit (Harvest)
Smallcreep's Day (Charisma)
12 DB's (Blue Horizon, USA)
Love Is The Law (Pulsar)
The Week Pepes Came To Chicago (Sonet)
American Heartbeat (Sire)
Escape From Babylon (Sire)
Matinee Weepers (Sire)
Hypnotized (Polydor)
From Mighty Oaks (Threshold)
A Question Of Balance (Threshold)
Magick Brother (Byg)
Continental Circus (Philips)
Animals (Regal)
Animalism (MGM)
On Tour (MGM)
In The Beginning (Wand)
01.09.04 Collectable Labels   Manticore

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