Date Location Artist New
30.10.04 Collectable Artists John Fred & His Playboy Band
The Happenings
The Monkees
The Lettermen

Billy Pepper & The Pepperpots
Various Artists
Gene Pitney
Various Artists
Duke Ellington
The O'Kaysions
Nicholas Keeble
The Corries
The Cumberland Three
Dermot O'Brien & His Clubmen
The Johnstons
The Bachelors

Val Doonican

The Members Of Glenn Miller Orchestra

The Brothers Four

The Wolfetones
The Dubliners
The Triffids
The Kingston Trio

George Mitchell

The Livingstones
Agnes English (Paula)
The Happenings (CDB)
The More Of Monkees (Colgems)
A Song For Young Love (Capitol)
Feelings (Capitol)
Merseymania (Hurray)
Teen & Twen-Party (MFP)
Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen (Stateside)
Rock Blast From The Past (Ember)
The Duke At Tanglewood (RCA)
Girl Watcher (ABC)
Folk Angle On East Anglia (Starlite)
The Corries 'Live' At The Royal Lyceum (Columbia)
The Cumberland Three (Parlophone)
Dermot O'Brien Himself (Envoy)
Give A Damn (Transatlantic)
More Great Song Hits (Decca)
+ 16 Great Songs (Decca)
The Lucky 13 Shades Of Val Doonican (Decca)
Gentle Shades Of Val Doonican (Decca)
Memories Of Glenn Miller (Eros)
Tribute To Glenn Miller (Eros)
The Honey Wind Blows (CBS)
The Big Folk Hits (CBS)
The Rights Of Man (Fontana)
Finnegan Wakes (Transatlantic)
Triffids Are Really Folk (Fontana)
Stereo Concert (Capitol)
# 16 (Capitol)
The George Mitchell Minstrels From The Black & White Minstrel Show (HMV)
Show Time Special (HMV)
The George Mitchell Minstrels From Another Black & White Minstrel Show (HMV)
The Livingstones-I Presume (Waverley)
28.10.04 Collectable Artists John Entwistle

Roger Daltrey
Amen Corner
Juicy Lucy
Curved Air
Various Artists
Vin Garbutt

Mike Whellans
Keith Roberts
Stefan Grossman
The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
John Renbourn
Grateful Dead
Jefferson Airplane
The Halliard
Captain Beefheart
The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell
Carolyn Hester
The Marcels
Jerry Garcia
John James
Nick Drake
Leonard Schaeffer
David Ackles
Lainie Kazan
Peter, Paul & Mary
The Byrds
Johnny Harris
Anthony Newley
Lonnie Donegan

Colin Wilkie, 
Thunderclap Newman
Alan Stivell
Mike Harding
The Fugs
Steeleye Span
Tom Jones
Frank Zappa
The Rolling Stones

The Humblebums
Jeff Beck
Smash Your Head Against The Wall (Track)
Rigor Mortis Sets In (Track)
Roger Daltrey (Track)
The National Welsh Coast Live Explosion Company (Immediate)
Juicy Lucy (Vertigo, South Africa)
Label to 'Second Album'
Folk Now (Decca)
King Gooden (Trailer)
The Valley Of Tees (Trailer)
Aly Bain (Trailer)
Pier Of The Realm (Trailer)
Stepping Stone (Argo)
Forerunners (Key)
Bottleneck Serenade (Transatlantic)
The Boys Won't Leave The Girls Alone (CBS)
Ship Of Fools (Flying Fish)
Blues For Allah (UA)
Takes Off (RCA)
It's The Irish In Me (Saga)
The Spotlight Kid (Reprise)
The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell (Waverley)
Carolyn Hester (CBS)
Blue Moon (Pye International)
Garcia (WB)
Morning Brings The Light (Transatlantic)
Bryter Layter (Island)
A Boy And His Dog (WB)
David Ackles (Elektra)
Right Now! (MGM)
Album 1700 (WB)
Turn! Turn! Turn! (CBS)
Movements (WB)
In My Solitude (Decca)
Folk Album (Pye)
Sing Hallelujah (Pye)
Colin Wilkie, Shirley Hart, Kate Lucy (Saga)
Hollywood Dream (Track)
From Celtic Roots... (Fontana)
Medusa (Threshold)
Bomber's Moon (Moonraker)
Original US label to 'It Crawled Into...' (Reprise)
5th label to 'Now We Are Six' (Chrysalis)
Original UK label to 'Delilah' (Decca)
Original UK label to 'Hot Rats' (Reprise)
4th label to 'Through The Past Darkly' (Decca)
Original label to 'Remember The Future' (UA)
US label to 'Remember The Future' (Passport)
2nd UK label to 'Open Up The Door' (Transatlantic)
2nd UK label to 'Cosa Nostra - Beck Ola' (Columbia)
28.10.04 Collectable Artists Free
Procol Harum
Jethro Tull
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Fifth label to 'Free'
Second label to 'Basket Of Light'
Third label to 'Exotic Birds & Fruit'
Original german label to 'Bakerloo'
Original german label to 'Stand Up'
Inner sleeve to 'In Blissful Company'
Welcome Back My Friends For The Show... (Manticore)

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