Date Location Artist New
25.11.04 Collectable Artists Jethro Tull
Fleetwood Mac
Led Zeppelin
Various Artists
Franck Pourcel
Pink Floyd
Alan Stivell
Deep Purple
Third World War
Chubby Checker
The Beatles
Sally Eaton
Underground Sunshine
Drugi Nacin
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
US label to 'Living In The Past'
French label to 'Ege Bamjacy'
German label to 'Then Play On'
German label to 'Led Zeppelin II'
Isotope (Gull)
Live At The Roxy (Bacillus)
Breakthrough (Columbia)
Girls (Columbia)
Wish You Were Here (Philippines)
Second label to 'From Celtic...'
Second label to 'Live In Japan'
Same (USA)
Asylum (reissue or counterfeit, spiral label)
Third World War (Germany)
Your Twist Party (Parkway)
Second pressing export labels to 'Hey Jude'
Farewell American Tour (Paramount)
Let There Be Light (Intrepid)
Label to 'Drugi Nacin' (Yugoslavia)
Second pressing label to No 1 (UK)
Rubber Soul (UK, Stereo)
Oldies But Goldies (UK, Stereo)
Por Siempre Beatles (Spain)
The Beatles '65 (Germany)
20.11.04 Collectable Artists Incredible String Band

Whistle Binkies
Derek Bailey & Tony Coe
Skin Alley
Tim Buckley
String Driven Thing
Alan Hull
Magna Carta
The Beatles
Ihre Kinder
Horst Kruger Band
Various Artists
The Beatles

Bjelo Dugme
Black Widow
The Beatles

S Vremena Na Vreme
I Looked Up (Elektra, UK)
Liquid Acrobat (Island, UK)
Whistle Binkies (Deacon)
Time (Inkus)
Skin Tight (US)
Journey To The Center Of The Eye (Bacillus)
US label to 'Greetings From L.A.' 
Machine That Cried (Charisma, USA)
You Can't Beat 'Em (Charisma)
Pipedream (Charisma)
Inners To 'Lord Of Ages'
3rd label to 'Please Please Me' (Parlophone, UK)
Ihre Kinder (Kuckuck)
Horst Kruger Band (Amiga, East Germany)
Basket Of Light (Germany)
Jamaica Ska (Atlantic)
Yellow Submarine (Parlophone, Philippines)
The World Best (Germany)
The Second Album (Capitol, USA)
Revolver (Parlophone, Stereo, UK)
Help (Odeon, France)
Abbey Road (Parlophone, India)
Please Please Me (Hor Zu, Germany)
A Hard Day's Night (Parlophon, Italy)
And Now (Germany)
Beatles For Sale (Odeon, Germany)
Introducing The Beatles (Counterfeit, Vee-Jay)
Export label to 'The Beatles' (Parlophone, UK)
Sta Bi Dao Si Na Mom Mjestu (Yugoslavia) 
Sacrifice (CBS, UK)
The Beatles (White Album) (Philippines)
The Beatles (White Album) (Uruguay)
Magical Mystery Tour (Capitol, USA)
S Vremena Na Vreme (Yugoslavia)
07.11.04 Collectable Artists Roxy Music
The Yetties
Gary Moore
Uriah Heep

Magna Carta
Procol Harum
The Kingston Trio

The Dubliners

The Sherwood Singers
Tom & Smiley
Judy Collins
Clancy Brothers
German label and inners to 'Stranded'
Our Friends (Argo)
Krywan Krywan (Muza)
Back On The Streets (MCA)
German label to 'Demons & Wizards'
French label to 'Demons & Wizards'
German label to 'Salisbury'
German label to 'Very 'Heavy... Very 'Umble'
5th label to 'In Concert'
German label to 'Grand Hotel'
Korppien Kokous (Love)
Make Way (Capitol)
Back In Town (Capitol)
New Frontier (Capitol)
A Drop Of The Hard Stuff (Major Minor)
More Of The Hard Stuff (Major Minor)
The Sherwood Singers (Society)
Country Style With Tom & Smiley (Fidelity)
Whalls & Nightingales (Elektra)
In Person At The Carnegie Hall (CBS)
Home Boys Home (CBS)
06.11.04 Collectable Artists Jay & The Americans
Michael Chapman
Tangerine Dream
John Mayall
The Mythos
Fusion Orchestra
Ansley Dunbar Retaliation

Incredible Hog
Cuby & The Blizzards
John Fred

The Joyfull Noise
Blockbusters (UA)
Michael Chapman Lived Here 1968 - 1972 (Cube)
Live For Life (UA)
German label to 'Stratosfear'
2nd label to 'Looking Back'
If Music Be The Food Of Love... Then Prepare For Indigestion
Strange Guys (Venus)
Skeleton In Armour (EMI)
Remains To Be Heard (Liberty)
Doctor Dunbar's Prescription (Liberty)
Volume 1 (Dart)
Groeten Uit Grollo (Philips)
Present From Nancy (Polydor)
Love My Soul (UNI)
Agnes English (Paula)
The Joyfull Noise (RCA)
05.11.04 Collectable Artists John Miles
Jethro Tull

Tom Jones
Screaming Lord Sutch
Savage Rose
Cuby & The Blizzards
City Boy
British Lions
Procol Harum
Various Artists
Stranger In The City (Decca)
3rd label to 'Aqualung'
5th label to 'Aqualung'
3rd label to 'War Child'
Mono label to 'This Is Tom Jones'
Hands Of Jack The Ripper (Atlantic)
Babylon (Polydor)
Too Blind To See (Philips)
City Boy (Vertigo)
British Lions (Vertigo)
3rd label to 'Procol's Ninth'
Rhythm & Blues (Golden Guinea)
From Books & Dreams (Bellaphon)
04.11.04 Collectable Artists Jonesy
Pearl Before Swine
David Blue
Frank Zappa
John Renbourn
Pete Atkin
Grateful Dead
Ruby Star
Greezy Wheels
Floh De Cologne
Was Tun
Keeping Up (Dawn)
City Of Gold (Reprise)
David Blue (Asylum)
Fillmore East, June 1971 (Bizzare)
A Maid In Bedlam (Transatlantic)
The Road Of Silk (RCA)
Bear's Choice (WB)
Scene Stealer (Capitol)
Greezy Wheels (London)
Vietnam (Plane)
Inner to 'Zwischen Kokerel Und Kanal '

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