Date Location Artist New
  At Helvete Me Hela Skiten
At Helvete Me Hela Skiten
Mullvadsoperan (MNW, Sweden)
07.03.05 Collectable Artists Blue Cheer
Animated Egg
Capability Brown
Jody Grind
Earth & Fire
Jethro Tull

Alice Cooper
Procol Harum
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath

Golden Earring
Henry Cow
Jerry Lee Lewis
Otis Span
Kluas Schultze
Label to 'Blue Cheer' (Philips, USA)
Animated Egg (Marble Arch, UK)
Inners to 'From Scratch'
Them Again (Decca, UK)
Far Canal (Transatlantic, Germany)
Memories - Song Of A Marching Children (Polydor, Germany)
Label to 'A Passion Play' (Chrysalis, Germany)
First reissue label to 'Stand Up' (Chrysalis, Germany)
First reissue label to 'Love It To Death' (WB, Germany)
Label to 'Fotheringay' (Island, Germany)
Label to 'Something Magic' (Chrysalis, Germany)
Label to 'Fireball' (Club-pressing, Germany)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Vertigo, Germany)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (WWA, Italy)
Together (Germany, Polydor)
Unrest (Virgin, Japan)
Golden Hits (Philips, Holland)
Blues Never Die (Bellaphon, Germany)
Timewind (Brain, Germany)
05.03.05 Collectable Artists Champion Jack Dupree
Ultimate Spinach
John Surman
Blossom Toys
Cuby & The Blizzard

Hairy Chapter
From's Missus Beastly
Aunt Mary
Mighty Baby
Hurdy Gurdy
Rolling Stones
Anthologie Du Blues (Vogue, France)
Ultimate Spinach (MGM, USA)
How Many Clouds Can You See (Deram, UK)
We Are Ever So Clean (Polydor, Germany)
Hey Joe (Mira, USA)
Them Again (Parrot, USA)
UFO 1 (Rare Earth, USA)
Phluph (Verve, USA)
Trippin' Thru' A Midnight Blues (Philips, Holland)
Groeten Uit Grollo (Reissue, Philips, Holland)
Eyes (Opp, Germany)
Nara Asst Incense (Opp, Germany)
Loaded (Philips)
The Ten Commandments (Youngblood, UK)
Mighty Baby (Head, UK)
Andromeda (Vogue, Germany)
Hurdy Gurdy (CBS, UK)
Cravinkel (Philips, Germany)
Hallelujah Babe (Metronome, Germany)
Label to 'Beggar's Banquet' (Decca, Mono, UK)
03.03.05 Collectable Artists Bert Jansch
John Renbourn

Illinois Speed Press
Ralph McTell
Harvey Mandel
Hard Meat
Bert Jansch
John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman
Gas Mask
Nick Drake
Tim Buckley
Allman Brothers Band
Neil Young
Pacific Ocean
Iron Butterfly
Dr John

Tom Rapp

Birthday Blues (Reprise, promo, US)
Sir Jon.... (Reprise, USA)
John Renbourn (Reprise, USA)
Duet (Columbia, USA)
You Well-Meaning Brought Me Here (Paramount, USA)
Righteous (Philips, USA)
Through A Window (WB, USA)
Rosemary Lane (Reprise, USA)
Three Kingdoms (Sonet, Finland)
Gentrys (Sun, USA)
Their First Album (Tonsil, USA)
Heaven In A Wild Flower (Island, UK)
Tim Buckley (Elektra, USA)
At Fillmore East (Capricorn, USA)
Harvest (Reprise, UK & USA)
Alamo (Atlantic, USA)
Greatest Hits (Pye, UK)
Virgin Fugs (ESP, USA)
Deja Vu (Atlantic, UK)
Pacific Ocean (WMC, USA)
Long Last Relatives (True North, Canada)
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Atco, Canada)
In The Right Place (Atco, USA)
Anytime Anyplace (Barometer, USA)
Stardancer (Blue Thumb, USA)
Tom Rapp (Reprise, USA)
Sunforest (Blue Thumb, USA)
01.03.05 Collectable Artists Jay & The Americans
Bert Jansch
Blue Cheer
Deke Leonard
Michael Chapman
Blues Magoos

Vanilla Fudge
Ars Nova
Harper & Rowe
Delaney & Bonnie
Iron Butterfly
John Hammond
Judas Jump
Long John Baldry
Cat Stevens
Savage Grace
Looking Glass

Dick Monda
Tommy James
Laura Nyro
Derek Bailey & Steve Lacy
David Ackles

Eela Graig
Mamas & Papas

Blue Mink
Alex Harvey
Wax Museum (UA, USA)
Moonshine (Reprise, Canada)
Vincebus Eruptum (Philips, Canada)
Kamikaze (UA, UK)
Life On Ceiling (Criminal Records, USA)
Electric Comic Book (Mercury, Canada)
Psychedelic Lollipop (Mercury, Canada)
Beat Goes On (Atco, USA)
Ars Nova (Elektra, USA)
Bandolier (A&M, USA)
Harper & Rowe (World Pacific, USA)
Blue Pine Tree (Capitol, USA)
Jeremijah (UNI, USA)
Home (Stax, Canada)
Ball (Atco, Canada)
Seatrain (Capitol, Canada)
Big City Blues (Vanguard, USA)
Scorch (Pride, USA)
Everything Stops For Sea (WB, USA)
Buddha And The Chocolate Box (Island, UK)
Savage Grace 2 (Reprise, USA)
Looking Glass (Epic, Holland)
Birthday (WB, USA)
Insight Out (WB, USA)
True, Lies, Magic & Faith (Verve, USA)
Tommy James (Roulette, USA)
Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat (Columbia, USA)
Company 4 (Incus, UK)
Label to 'Subway..'
The Road To Cairo (Elektra, USA)
One Niter (Vertigo, Germany)
Flock (Columbia, USA)
Papas & Mamas (Dunhill, USA)
Urban Spaceman (Imperial, USA)
Keynsham (Imperial, USA)
Melting Pot (Philips, USA)
Impossible Dream (Vertigo, USA)

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