Date Location Artist New
09.05.05 Collectable Artists George Harrison
Agnetha Faltskog
Pink Floyd
Black Sabbath
Various Artists
Frank Sinatra
All Things Must Pass (Apple, Hong King)
Elva Koinnor I Ett Hus (Cupol, Sweden)
Tour 1973 (Bootleg)
T.N.T. (EMI, Australia)
Live At The Ad-Lib Club Of London (World Artists, USA)
Live At The Bristol Colston Hall, 1975 (Bootleg)
Canterbury Tales - The Best Of (Decca, UK)
Magma (Philips, France)
Recommended Records Sampler (Recommended Records, UK)
In The Wee Small Hours (Capitol, UK)
09.05.05 Labels  
05.05.05 Collectable Artists Chicken Shack
The Lords
Fairfield Parlour
Cuby & The Blizzards
The Honeycombs
Okko Bekker
The Beach Boys
Rory Gallagher
Iron Office
Dire Straits
The Move
Jon Anderson
Amazing Blondel
Swamp Dogg
Robin Williamson

Gilbert Becaud
Tom Jones
Incredible String Band
Black Sabbath

Michael Pinder
Steve Hackett
George Harrison
The Beatles
The Moody Blues

Roy Orbison
Van Der Graaf Generator
The Shadows

Lee Hazlewood
Carmen McRae
Promo label to 'Accept' (Blue Horizon, USA)
Ulleogamaxbe (Columbia, Germany)
German label to 'From Home To Home' (Vertigo, Germany)
Appleknockers Flophouse (reissue, Holland)
Same (Golden Guinea, UK)
Sitar & Electronics (Basf, Germany)
Beach Boys Concert (Capitol, Germany)
Stage Struck (Chrysalis, UK)
Iron Office (Metronome, UK)
Communique (Vertigo, UK)
Five Brigade (MFP, UK)
Song Of Seven (Atlantic, UK)
Completely Free (Island, UK)
Blondel (Island, UK)
Have You Heard This Story? (Island, UK)
3rd pressing label to 'Fog n The Tyne' (Charisma, UK)
American Stonehenge (Criminal Records, UK)
Myrrth (Island, UK)
Olympia '70 (Columbia, UK)
2nd pressing label to 'I Who Have Nothing' (Decca, UK)
Label to 'Be Glad For...' (Island, Holland)
Label to 'Mob Rules' (Vertigo, France)
The Best Of Black Sabbath (Vertigo, Japan)
2nd label to 'Quark...' (Charisma, UK)
Face To Face (Pye, UK)
The Promice (Threshold, UK)
Label to 'Basket Of Light' (promo, USA)
Inedits (Tapioca, France) 
2nd label to 'Voyage Of The Acolyte' (Charisma, UK)
Label to 'Best Of' (Odeon, Spain)
Another Green World (Island, USA)
Ptooff (Underground Impresarios, UK)
Label to 'Warhorse' (Vertigo, Germany)
Yellow Submarine (Apple, Germany)
Label to 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favour' (Threshold, Germany)
Label to 'On The Threshold Of A Dream' (Deram, Germany)
The Classic Roy Orbison (London, UK)
2nd label to 'Pawn Hearts' (Charisma, USA)
Mono Label to 'Shadow Music' (Columbia, UK)
4th label to 'Live' (Charisma, UK)
7th label to 'Nursery Cryme' (Charisma, UK)
Love And Other Crimes (Reprise, Canada)
Portrait Of Carmen (Atlantic, USA)
01.05.05 Collectable Artists Frank Zappa

The Beatles

Strawberry Alarm Clock
Blue Phantom
Dave Clark Five

Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
Alan Bown
The Moody Blues
Phil Spector
Swinging Blue Jeans
Them Or Us (USA)
Perfect Stranger
London Symphony Orchestra Vol. 1
London Symphony Orchestra Vol. 2
True Glove
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted
Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention
Jazz From Hell
For Sale (Apple, Japan)
No. 5 (Odeon, Japan)
The eighth label to 'Sgt Pepper...' (Parlophone, UK)
Abbey Road (green wax)
Let It Be (white wax)
Magical Mystery Tour (yellow wax)
The Beatles (white wax)
The Best of Strawberry Alarm Clock (UNI, USA)
Distortions (Kaleidoscope, UK)
Coast To Coast (Odeon, Japan)
A Sessions With (Odeon, Japan)
4th label to 'Book Of Taliesyn' (Harvest, UK)
2nd label to 'Master Of Reality' (Vertigo, UK)
Second pressing label to 'Yes' (Atlantic, UK)
Alan Bown (Music Factory, USA)
Magnificent Moodies (Decca, UK)
Phil Spector's Christmas Album (second reissue, WB, UK)
Stereo label to 'Blue Jeans A' Swinging' (HMV, UK)

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